Maldives 3days/3nights Experience


Hey guys!

It’s been a while since we posted our last travel blog. If you haven’t read it yet – you can check it out here!

So for this time, I would like to make a review on our recent travel in Maldives! Yes, Maldives! I am pretty sure most of you would love to experience and see the paradise Maldives has to offer – as we are seeing in google images right? So without further ado – here is my brief review on our 3 days trip in Maldives.

(note: you can find my ratings with this symbol 👍 being 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest)

Holiday Factory Deals 👍👍👍👍

Okay so first and foremost, we got the best deal (I guess) going to Maldives through Holiday Factory. They are offering holiday packages tour to some of the great tourist destinations around the globe. The package included in their deals are mostly ticket + hotel accommodation. But most of their deals will depart from Dubai- we just got lucky that they had this promo from Doha to Male. We avail the promo for around 440 USD each.

Package includes the following:

Return flights from Doha to Male with Fly Dubai
3 Nights stay at Lonuveli Hotel with breakfast
Free Holiday Factory Boat transfers to Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort with access to all resort facilities
Transfer from Airport to Hotel & back
Holiday Factory Representative

It was a great deal actually but beware of the downside of availing promos like this: there’s no 100% guarantee that you can get the travel date that you want. It depends on the cheapest flight ticket available I guess. As what happened to us – promo should be 4 days 3 nights but our last day was spent travelling back to Doha, which is quite disappointing. But then again it was still a great deal!

Accommodation 👍👍👍👍

We stayed in a 3 star Lonuveli Hotel which is located in Hulhumale. Hulhumale is a man-made island located in the south of North Male Atoll, Maldives. From Male International Airport, you will reach the hotel for around 15 minutes. The hotel is facing the Hulhumale Beach. And since Maldives is a Muslim country, bikinis and swimwear can not be worn on public beaches. When you are walking across local town, it is advisable to wear dress with modesty. The hotel service is good and the staffs are very accommodating. The room is decent for a 3 star hotel. They are providing towels and some toiletries for the guests. They also have free WiFi. The only thing I haven’t enjoyed here is the food. The food they are serving is average for me.

Lonuveli Hotel view from the outside
reception and dining area
Hulhumale Beach just in front of our hotel


For the activities, I would like to rate it one by one. The activities that we had in our first 2 days were from Secret Paradise (check their website here – by the way I recommend them as your guide in discovering Maldives – they are very friendly and accommodating) and the last one was from Holiday Factory.

  • Afternoon Snorkeling 👍👍👍👍
    We depart from the hotel around 2pm accompanied by Secret Paradise representative, Kamey. We ride on a speedboat for a private snorkeling safari. We visited two of the best snorkeling points close to Male – Kurumba House Reef and Sting Ray City. In here we had the opportunity to see reef sharks, sting rays and different variety of fishes. This activity costs $75 per person.
    Excursion includes:
    Speedboat transfer from Hulhumale jetty
    Snorkeling Equipment
    Services of Guide
    Local Taxes ( 10% Service charge, 12% GST)I highly recommend this activity, we really had fun and we even got the chance to drive the speedboat!
Speedboat ride to snorkeling sites
with our super cool guide, Kamey!
Alright, marine life may not be visible here but I’m telling you, it is beautiful! Check out the short clip posted on our Instagram account here!
  • Floating Villa Sunset and Private Dinner 👍
    After snorkeling, we go directly to the floating villa in Hulhumale lagoon to enjoy a colorful Maldives sunset from the top deck followed by a private dinner. But unfortunately, the weather condition was not good so definitely there’s no sunset, no private dinner in the pool since it was raining. Although the staffs are accommodating, the experience that we had is not what we expected. Maybe because the weather ruined everything. This activity costs $45 per person.
    Excursion includes:
    Return speedboat transfer to Hulhumale jetty.
    Entrance Fee
    Dinner and soft drinks
    Local Tax (10% service charge and 12% GST)
Dinner we had in the floating villa
floating villa roofdeck
  • Maafushi Away Day 👍👍👍
    Our second day is Maafushi Away Day. We ride on a scheduled ferry speedboat located near the airport. The ride took us about 25 minutes. Maafushi is a local island located in South Male Atoll and the hub of local tourism and guesthouses. This is where we bought our souvenirs. We spent half of the day in the bikini beach. I rated it 3 because the enjoyment we had here is less than the average. It was okay, but not satisfying. This activity costs $60 per person.
    Excursion includes:
    Transfer from Hulhumale
    Local Taxes ( 10% Service charge, 12% GST)
    On our way to Maafushi Island

    I guess someone is enjoying the view
    Maafushi is offering a lot of must-try water sports – though we haven’t tried any haha!
    one of the souvenir shop we found on the island. you can buy some souvenirs like ref magnet for $2
    our personalized souvenir
    Bikini Beach!
    Say peacceeee!
    Relaxing by the beach
    we had our lunch at Arena hotel. The food was superb! You can have your complete meal for around $12.
    Enjoying his idle time

    We stayed on the island for about 6 hours. We depart around 5 pm going back to our hotel. We did plan to go to sandbank but we had no enough time so we just stayed on the beach, wandering around, swimming and taking pictures the whole time.

  • Day Access to Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort 👍👍👍👍👍
    This was the best activity we had on our whole Maldives experience! I guess resort day visit is the best way to enjoy Maldives. Set on a private island in Kaafu Atoll, this tropical resort is a 25-minute speedboat ride. For budget travelers, better to do day access because room per night in the resort will cost you around $800! Since Holiday Factory is offering a great deal for this resort day visit, we only paid $45 each for the entrance – which is a pretty awesome deal since the normal price of this will cost you around $175 per person!
    Package includes:
    Return speedboat transfer from Hulhumale to resort.
    Entrance Fee
    Buffet Lunch
    Access to all resort facilities
    It was a bumpy ride on our way to the resort since it was raining that morning.

    We are a bit worried that we might not enjoy our stay in the resort if the rain continues. Upon arriving, the staff welcomed us with a warm towel and a juice. They will also provide you a locker to keep your stuff. Thankfully, the rain stops and we have been able to tour around the resort.

    the famous water bungalows on our background
    looking for a good shot!
    more water bungalow. I would love to stay in one of those someday!
    beach side rooms
    the pool
    the beach
    Rehendhi restaurant! this is where we had our buffet lunch. The food was really great!



We truly had a great time in our 3 days stay in Maldives. The sole purpose of our vacation here was just to relax and unwind.

If I am going to give an overall rate to Maldives, I will give it 👍👍👍 and a half! Staying here for 3 days is not enough to fully explore and experience the beauty of the islands. We don’t have enough budget to try some water sports and we don’t know how to swim which is necessary if you want to experience diving. Additionally, cruise excursion is one of the highly recommended activity in Maldives so we have to try one next time!

We will definitely try to visit Maldives again soon!

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